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Historic Preservation Goal 2

The Town will maintain a current and accurate accounting of its historic architectural resources.

2.1 Maintain Historic District Inventory

STRATEGY: As contributing structures are renovated and altered, the historic district inventory should be updated upon completion of each project, or on an annual basis to ensure that the inventory is accurate and reflects existing conditions.

JUSTIFICATION: Updating the inventory when properties have appropriate or inappropriate renovations or alterations will help the Town and local preservation groups identify where improvements are needed for educational resources and regarding specific topics.

2.2 Monitor Condition of Historic Structures

STRATEGY: Monitor the deterioration of buildings and note such changes in the historic district inventory.

JUSTIFICATION: Monitoring and updating the condition of historic properties will help the Town more quickly identify at-risk properties and target its resources in a timely manner. Monitoring properties on a regular basis helps the Town ensure that substandard structures can be readily identified. This up-to-date monitoring will help the Town respond in a proactive manner in situations where historic properties need minor improvements before they enter into a state of decline that may lead to demolition by neglect.

2.3 Online Historic District Inventory

STRATEGY: Develop an online geographic information systems (GIS) based tool for both maintaining the historic district inventory as well as providing the information to the public.

JUSTIFICATION: Preparing a digital spatial inventory will create an opportunity for sharing information online with the public as part of a comprehensive public outreach program. This tool will help inform the general public and individual property owners who are seeking to learn more about their individual property and the overall conditions of the historic district in which their property is located.