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Topic 2: Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Services

Scenario 2-1:

Shepherdstown has been awarded a grant that will allow it to make a significant investment in the local road transportation network. The value of the grant will be matched to meet the needs of one project, regardless of cost. If you were given the responsibility of making the decision of selecting the project, what project would you choose to construct? How would the project address the needs of the community and its residents? How would the project affect traffic patterns? Would the project be oriented toward improving safety, relieving congestion, or making the local transportation network more efficient at moving traffic through or around town?


Scenario 2-2:

The Town Council has appointed you to a committee that is studying community needs for telecommunications services, including both wired and wireless services for voice and data transmission. How would you characterize the current level of service that is being provided in Shepherdstown today? Does this meet the needs of residents, businesses and other entities that rely on these services? What types of service improvements or expansions are needed? Is there a need / desire for expanded wireless telecommunication service? If new towers are necessary for wireless service expansion, what would be your concerns regarding the placement of new towers, and are there alternatives to erecting towers? What is the town’s role in fostering a more robust telecommunications environment? Who are some potential partners if expanding service was deemed to be a priority for the town?

Scenario 2-3:

You are appointed to a committee that is tasked with evaluating the public services provided by the Town, and your ultimate responsibility is to make a recommendation for either improving a service that is currently provided or instituting a new service that the Town will provide to the community. Which service would you recommend that the Town improve or begin providing? Would you recommend that residents pay a fee for this service, should it be supported by taxes, or should a combination of the two financing methods be used? Which service that the town currently provides is most important to the quality of life in Shepherdstown? Do you think that areas outside of the corporate limits would benefit from receiving the same types of services that corporation residents receive? If the town annexes adjacent neighborhoods, how do you think that would impact its ability to provide its current level of service?

Scenario 2-4:

You and your friends enjoy walking and biking around Shepherdstown for recreation as well as a means of traveling for errands and other daily activities. Through your travels around town, you and your friends have noticed a number of gaps in the bike/pedestrian infrastructure, areas where it could be improved or expanded along new routes, as well as safety issues. Your group decides that they want to advance a plan to the Town Council that will address the issues that you have noticed. Using the provided map, meet with your group of like-minded bike and pedestrian enthusiasts and map out where these improvements or expansions to the bike and pedestrian infrastructure should be made. Include routes both inside of Town as well as the surrounding area. What are the primary origin and destination points/areas? What are the top priorities for improvements?