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Cultural Resources Goal 2

Artistic and cultural enterprises and events will play a significant role in the local economy.

2.1 Arts and Culture Improvement Plan

STRATEGY: Develop an action plan to promote the sustainment and growth of artistic and cultural events and businesses in the community.

JUSTIFICATION: The arts and culture have played significant roles in the local economy. However, this a cyclical pattern of short-term success of those business clusters led to higher rents and the demise of their success over time. This action plan is needed to identify impediments and actions needed to sustain the long-term viability and growth of the arts and culture business sectors and events.

2.2 Economic Impact of the Arts and Culture

STRATEGY: Conduct an economic impact analysis of artistic and cultural businesses and events on the community.

JUSTIFICATION: A more firm understanding of the impacts related to arts and cultural businesses and events will help demonstrate the level of existing needs within those business sectors. The analysis will help build greater support and identify resources that are needed to help grow and further develop those sectors of the local economy.

2.3 Expand Local Arts and Cultural Businesses

STRATEGY: Set realistic goals for the expansion of local art and cultural businesses based on the economic impact from this sector and work to promote its growth to meet those goals.

JUSTIFICATION: Once the impacts and actions needed to sustain and grow the arts and cultural business sectors have been identified, clear actions are needed to begin implementation.

2.4 Develop Arts and Cultural Based Business Incentives

STRATEGY: Consider the development of an incentive based strategy to reinvigorate and return the artisan and craft sectors to the local economy.

JUSTIFICATION: After identifying impediments to the sustainment and growth of arts and cultural businesses, incentives should be developed that help businesses in that sector overcome those obstacles to ensure those sectors of the economy are preserved to maintain the quality of life that is expected in Shepherdstown.

2.5 Identify Redevelopment Sites/Areas

STRATEGY: Consider sites and areas for redevelopment that can utilize arts and cultural based businesses, activities and initiatives as the drivers of change and improvements.

JUSTIFICATION: This strategy can help accomplish multiple planning objectives by revitalizing sites and areas of town with desired arts and culture related businesses.