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Parks & Recreation

The parks and outdoor recreation resources found in town and throughout the greater Shepherdstown area play a key role in enhancing the quality of life for both residents of the area and visitors who come to visit and take advantage of the abundant opportunities that exist in the area. The variety of the locally available parks and recreation resources is extensive given the size of the community. The town’s location next to the Potomac River, the C&O Canal Towpath and the presence of Shepherd University in the community contribute greatly to the availability of recreational resources that would not otherwise be available in a community of Shepherdstown’s size.

Moving forward, the community should continue to leverage these assets to maintain and expand the types of parks and recreational activities that are available to residents and visitors. Promoting these assets to visitors will help to strengthen the town’s position as a regional recreational tourism destination, particularly given the nexus between the river, the towpath and the accommodations available in the community.

At a smaller scale, the local parks and recreational facilities, such as the Princess Street boat launch on the Potomac, Morgan’s Grove Park and the Rumsey Monument park help to provide local residents with convenient and diverse opportunities for recreation, leisure and sports. Combined, these assets help to make Shepherdstown a more livable community and foster an active lifestyle that contributes to the overall health of its residents.

Public Parks and Recreation Facilities
This map shows the location of parks in the greater Shepherdstown area. While the largest parks and recreation facilities are outside of the corporate limits of the town, the short distance to the C&O Canal Towpath and Morgan’s Grove Park provide residents with easy access to an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities.
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