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Intergovernmental Coordination


It is important for all units of government within a county and or region to cooperate and plan together to ensure the region grows in a coordinated manner – maximizing resources of the local government jurisdictions. Even though this plan is focused on the Corporation of Shepherdstown, other units of government, county, state and federal agencies influence Shepherdstown’s growth and future. In particular, a significant amount of growth has occurred and may occur in the future right outside of the corporate limits in the jurisdictional control of Jefferson County.

During the planning process, county and regional plans were considered during the review and preparation of meetings and as background for this plan update. Jefferson County planning staff provided information to the Town and the Town worked with County staff to provide input as the County developed its update to the County Comprehensive Plan – Envision Jefferson 2035. Shepherdstown staff and the Planning Consultant met with various county, state, and federal agencies and organizations throughout the development of this plan. Efforts to coordinate the various elements with the county comprehensive plan update were addressed through staff meetings during the drafting process.


Many of the plans goals and strategies will require intergovernmental coordination to effectively implement the plan. The table below lists some of the primary agencies that may require external coordination beyond the existing resources in Shepherdstown. It will be important for key committee members identified in the implementation section to understand who major players and contacts are outside of Shepherdstown that need to be part of the implementation process for many of the Comprehensive Plan goals and strategies. For example, to establish better coordination with the Hagerstown-Eastern Panhandle Metropolitan Planning Organization (HEPMPO) Shepherdstown should become a full member of the organization.

State Government

Regional Organizations

Jefferson County