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Cultural Resources Goal

The Town will actively promote and participate isn the artistic and cultural resources and events that are vital to the economic prosperity and vibrant quality of life in Shepherdstown.

1.1 Develop Comprehensive Inventory

STRATEGY: Develop a complete inventory of local arts and cultural resources, artisans, musicians, organizations, and events.

JUSTIFICATION: A key step in promoting resources and events is ensuring that all events have been identified along with key contacts and information for each resource and event. The list will need to be maintained on a regular basis to keep it current.

1.2 Coordinate Marketing Efforts with the Town and Local Businesses

STRATEGY: Coordinate artistic, cultural, and live music events with civic and business leaders to assist with promotional and marketing efforts.

JUSTIFICATION: Maintaining close coordination with civic and business leaders during the marketing and promotions associated with events and festivals will help local businesses realize greater benefit from local events and festivals. This coordination provides local civic and business leaders opportunities to develop special events and business promotions that are related to the planned festival or event, generating more promotions for the event itself and local businesses.

1.3 Joint Marketing of Festivals and Events

STRATEGY: Identify complementary arts and cultural resources and events that can benefit from joint marketing

JUSTIFICATION: It is important to maximize and leverage the planning and promotion of related events, while identifying events that may compete against one another. Events need to work together to ensure that resources are not duplicated or conflicted during the promotions leading up to the event and during the day of the event.

1.4 Create a Public Appreciation Campaign

STRATEGY: Launch a local public appreciation campaign in support of the arts and cultural organizations and events.

JUSTIFICATION: An opportunity exists to garner greater support and interest in events and organizations that support the arts and culture within the greater Shepherdstown area.

1.5 Foster Partnerships between the University and the Town

STRATEGY: Identify ways to create synergy among the arts, cultural resources and Shepherd University to help strengthen and grow the creative arts community in Shepherdstown.

JUSTIFICATION: Many of the arts and cultural events that benefit Shepherdstown are held on Shepherd University’s campus. The Town and Shepherd University should work closer together to develop spin-off events and activities that strengthen existing and future cultural and arts events and festivals.