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Topic 5: Recreation, Cultural and Historic Resources

Scenario 5-1:

A building in Town that is viewed as a cornerstone of the historic fabric of the community has been acquired by a developer, who is now proposing to tear it down and redevelop the property. The building has deteriorated to the point that this course of action makes the most financial sense for the developer, and they have promised that they will build something that fits well with the community. You and your neighbors want to do something to stop the developer and encourage them to renovate and reuse the structure. What would be your first step toward achieving this? Who would you reach out to for help with this? What roadblocks might the developer encounter if they agree to renovate and preserve the structure? How could the town help to make the preservation of the property a reality? Which building or other historic site in town would be most likely to push you into action if it were threatened with being redeveloped?

Scenario 5-2:

You serve on a committee that is tasked with developing and enhancing parks and other recreational facilities in the community. You are currently working on a long range plan for both facilities and recreation programs. The committee is meeting to merge their recommendations, and each member is expected to limit their “wish list” to three items, with one being the improvement of an existing facility, one being the creation of a new facility and the third being the creation or improvement of a recreation program. What would your recommendations be? Using the provided map, identify any locations both inside Shepherdstown that you feel would be good candidates for the development of new parks or recreation facilities. Who would be the target population for your new or improved facilities or programs? Are there any resources that are present in the local area that are not being utilized to their full potential? How could they be used more effectively to serve the needs of local residents?

Scenario 5-3:

You serve on the board of a group whose mission is to enhance and promote the cultural life of Shepherdstown and the surrounding region. Your group would like to develop marketing materials, including a website and brochures that will be used to promote activities and resources to residents and visitors to the area. What would be the highlights of your marketing effort? Who would your marketing effort target? What is missing from the region that your group would be actively working to bring to the local cultural landscape? What could your group do to establish any missing links in either cultural facilities or programs at the local level? Who would you look to partner with to establish a new cultural facility or program?