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More people than ever want to give back to their communities.  Recent studies show that volunteering can boost happiness, decrease depression, and help us live longer. Now is the time to help Shepherdstown perhaps it will put a spring in your step, too.


Shepherdstown governance operates through a collaboration between staff, the governing body (Mayor and Town Council), and committees made up of volunteers. It takes dozens of people to fill the committees and make everything work smoothly.  Town volunteers have confidence in our small town as a wonderful place to live and know that many hands make light work.


According to town recorder, Lori Robertson, “I got involved because I was interested in town issues.  Then I realized how things really work and I understood how important it is to step up”.


You are invited to share your time for the betterment of Shepherdstown – there are several opportunities available immediately.  Vacancies exist on the Planning Commission, and Historic Landmarks Commission. The town needs to build capacity on the Tree Commission and Parks and Recreation Committee so future vacancies can be filled quickly. Terms of volunteer service are typically 3 years or less, and meetings occur once a month, usually in the evenings.


Some of the tangible benefits you get by serving on a committee or town council:


  • Social connections and building bonds with others who care about town
  • Inside knowledge on town’s current issues
  • Gain work experience
  • An opportunity for your unique talents to make a difference
  • A deep sense of satisfaction when you step up to help with solutions, rather than just complaining from the sidelines.


"Community - that unique sense of place - doesn't just happen!” Active volunteer and councilman Dave Springer remarks, “Shepherdstown is blessed with a unique character and diverse residents. Whatever it is you enjoy about this community - it is largely shaped by the decisions of involved volunteers”.


Volunteering can improve the town, and maybe even you. Contact Town Hall today at 304-876-2398 to learn more.