Attention Residents and Businesses within the Shepherdstown Town Limits

information card mailer

The Corporation of Shepherdstown to Reinstate Glass Recycling!

Shepherdstown will start curbside glass recycling pick-up for residents and
business within the town limits once again! The corporation has partnered with
Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority (JCSWA) to recycle mixed glass. Since
instituting the glass recycling program, JCSWA, has prevented 50 tons of glass from
going into the landfill!! The glass does not have to be separated by color, but has
to be separate from other recyclables.

Residential - glass-recycling collection will be once a month, the last Tuesday of the
month. *Based on the success and volume of glass collected, we may increase the pick-
ups to twice a month.

Commercial - mixed recycling will continue to be picked-up every Tuesday.
Commercial glass recycling will be picked up the last Tuesday of each month.

Start & Pick-up dates for both residential & commercial glass recycling:  April 24, May 29, June 26, July 31, etc.

Public Works will provide and distribute the “Glass Only” small bins (18 gallons) to
residents. If residents are currently using several recycling bins, and don’t need an
extra bin for glass, we will drop off “Glass Only” sticker/s to be placed on the
existing bins.

The “Glass Recycling” stickers will be kept at Town Hall if extras are needed. If an
extra bin is needed, please contact Town Hall at 304-876- 2312 with your physical


Please Remember:

  • All colors of glass are accepted.
  • Glass bottles and jars should be emptied with lids removed.
  • Please remove glass from plastic bags/boxes before being placed in the bin.
  • Accepted items: bottles, mason jars, drinking glasses, glass vases, etc...
  • NOT accepted: ceramics of any kind, candle glass, light bulbs, Pyrex cookware, window glass, etc...

Shepherdstown is committed to recycling and is proud to offer glass recycling once
again to its customers. This is part of an ongoing effort to reduce the waste that goes to the landfill.

A special thanks to Mayor Jim Auxer, Frank Welch-Public Works Director, Lori
Robertson-Recorder, Mark Everhart-Councilman, and Billy Madert-consultant for the Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority.