Planning And Zoning Contacts:

Planning And Zoning Administrator, Andy Beall       Phone: 304-876-6858 Email:


Planning And Zoning Ordinances

The Corporation of Shepherdstown's Title 9 ordinances and other relevant documents may be accessed by clicking on the following links below. Please note that making these ordinances available on the web is, in part, a manual process. While every attempt is made to maintain accuracy, some typographical errors may be inadvertently introduced. In the case of any discrepancy, the official copy maintained at Town Hall will have precedence.

Planning and Zoning                                        

Historic Design Guidelines   

Map Library                 

PUD Ordinance      

Comprehensive Plan (2015)                   

GIS - Geodatabase (Parcel Data & Historic Surveys) 


Mission Statement

The Corporation of Shepherdstown Planning And Zoning Department strives to protect and promote the health, safety, and general welfare of all citizens and visitors to our town through the professional administration and enforcement of all town codes and ordinances.

Download Forms

The following forms are available for download by the Department of Planning And Zoning.

Application for Certificate of Appropriateness & Project Permit 

Application for Project Permit - Sign Supplemental

Application for Occupancy Permit