Rumsey Green Annexation Request

At the Planning Commission Special Meeting of July 18, 2012:  PlaceMakers (planning consultants working for Shepherdstown) made their report to the Planning Commission on the Rumsey Green Annexation request.  There were a number of residents and interested parties present.  The Planning Commission recognized the significance of the Request and opted to provide the following materials regarding the annexation request to all members of the community through the Town’s web site:

1)    The recording of the 7-18-12 report presentation, questions, comments, and discussion,

2)    A pdf version of the PowerPoint slide presentation, and

3)    Approved minutes summarizing the proceedings – with entries numbered to correspond to the PowerPoint slides.

(By using the three sets of materials together, it is possible to get a reasonable approximation of what transpired during the Special Meeting.)

Also posted is a copy of the Town’s Annexation Policy for reference.  PlaceMakers’ report to the Planning Commission was part of the preparation for the public hearing required in Step #4 of the Annexation Procedures (described on page 4 of the Policy).  Other information about the status of the Rumsey Green annexation request can be determined by reviewing the recording (#1 above) and the minutes (#3 above).

The Planning Commission has scheduled discussion of the process at future meetings.  Please check posted agendas.