Welcome to Shepherdstown, West Virginia.  Parking for our visitors is permitted within the Commercial/Residential district of the town, visitors may park in any metered space.   Meters are enforced Monday through Friday from 8 am till 6 pm. Meters are not enforced on Saturday or Sunday. Download the guide to public parking for Shepherdstown

New Parking Feature - Pay for parking with your mobile phone (click on the link below to download mobile app)


90 Minute Parking

 Weekend Parking

  • East German Street
  • West German Street
  • South Church Street
  • South King Street
  • South Princess Street
  • North Mill Street
  • West High Street
  • West Washington Street
  • Jefferson Security Bank Parking Lot
  • Shepherd University - Princess Street Lot

2 Hour Parking

 4 Hour Parking

  • North Church Street
  • North King Street
  • North Princess Street
  • West High Street
  • East High Street

10 Hour Parking

Train Station

Map of Shepherdstown Parking for Non-Residents

Are you going to be parking often in Shepherdstown?

We offer a "Day" meter pass to be used only at parking meters. The fee for this pass is $10.00.  The pass is displayed on the inside of the vehicle on the passenger side.

We offer a “Monthly “ meter pass to be used only at parking meters. The fee for this pass is $50.00. Each month the pass is a different color.   Anyone not displaying the current color pass for the month is issued a ticket. The pass is displayed on the inside windshield of the vehicle on the passenger side.  We ask that the patron using the pass not park in the areas of the 15 minute meters.

Are you a resident in town and need a permit?

All residential areas are patrolled 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Residential permits are issued to anyone owning their home in the areas posted as residential.

Residents must provide proof in order to purchase a permit. The items necessary to do this are as follows: drivers license or a bill show the physical address.

They must bring the vehicle to the office so that a permit may be placed on the windshield. Each resident may purchase up to 3 permits and 1 guest pass.

The fees for these permits will be list in the parking handbook. The guest pass is to be used by anyone visiting a resident but not by the residents themselves.   The pass may be displayed for only 3 days.  Residents displaying a residential permit may park in any areas marked as residential and also in Open 90 minute areas.

In order for a tenant to purchase a permit the landlord must fill out a rental property form. This form gives the location of the rental property and a list of the tenants. This form has to be verified by a town representative before permits can be issued. The tenant must provide a copy of the lease, and a bill showing that they live at that address. Students must provide a copy of their school transcript along with the other items listed above. All of the guidelines for either the residential or tenant permits can be found in the parking handbook which we have at our office and also on the town’s website.

What you need to know if you were unfortunate enough to receive a parking citation.

Tickets for parking overtime at meters-$10.00 if paid with 24 hours/$30.00 if paid after 24 hours/ $60.00 if not paid within 30 days.  The cost of a ticket for parking overtime in a 90 minute zone is $60.00.

Residential, Open 90 minute, and other various violations remain the same whether paid within  24 hours or at a later date.

Payment can be received at the office during regular business hours, placed in the drop box located outside the building or mailed to our department at the addressed listed on the envelope.

Forms of payment that we will accept are personal checks, cash, or credit card payments. We can also accept payments over the telephone.  Click here for a complete list of the parking fine schedule.