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During the past weeks, the community of Shepherdstown has made difficult and lifesaving decisions that have been needed to help combat the spread of the COVID-19.  In the midst of this global crisis, we can reward ourselves by taking a self-guided tour through our town.  Please visit our parks, the garden behind Knutti, the historic graveyards on High Street, and the scenic Potomac while maintaining physical distancing.  The view from Rumsey Monument is spectacular.  After your meanderings, you may want to visit one of our eateries for a meal to go.  We must encourage patrons, landlords, vendors, and those providing essential services to support our business community in their struggle to survive.   Their future success is integral to the eclectic nature of Shepherdstown.

As you may have noticed, our beloved library has had a facelift by replacing crumbling bricks and repointing failing mortar joints.  It will be receiving a new roof and a new coat paint in the upcoming weeks.  The expenditures were approved more than a year ago and postponement would have resulted in further deterioration and added expense.

The town wishes to thank all the volunteers in the community that have provided masks and sanitizer to our water, sewer and police departments to This collective effort is paramount to providing for their safety while performing important services.

Our trash pickup and recycling schedule is being maintained to continue the cleanliness of the town.  Spring Clean-Up is scheduled for May 4 – 8. Please remember to fill out your census ( to ensure that our community’s allocation of funding and grants are accurate.

The Shepherdstown community applauds our residents and volunteer organizations that take pride in making positive contributions in helping to cope with this global crisis.  We must continue to be calm and positive and follow the CDC protocol.  Thanks to all of us, be safe!

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