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As a new member of Town Council and the Public Works Committee, I am excited to begin serving Shepherdstown with a focus on recycling efforts and sustainable action. I serve as Chair of the Recycling Committee and look forward to working with the Public Works Committee to increase public awareness of issues related to recycling. It has come to our attention that many non-residents are illegally dumping glass in the Town recycling receptacles. Although we appreciate your efforts to recycle, this illegal dumping increases Town costs and employee efforts to properly dispose of the same. Please help spread the word that the glass recycling receptacles in Town are for residents and single-use dumping only. Glass recycling for County residetns is offered at the Jefferson County Transfer Station, located at 332 Jefferson Orchards Road, in Kearneysville ( If this practice continues, the Town will have no choice but to issue citations. I will work with Town entities in an effort to help resolve this and other pressing issues. You can reach me at with any questions or concerns. Thank you.