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Building on the community input received from the survey and public input meeting held in November, the Comprehensive Plan Committee has worked to develop a draft of the update to the 2001 Comprehensive Plan. The Committee is now seeking feedback from the public on the vision, goals and strategies contained in the working draft of the plan.

The Comprehensive Plan is intended to provide guidance to Shepherdstown's elected and appointed officials who will utilize the comprehensive plan to make decisions regarding the future of the Town. Topics covered in the Comprehensive Plan include the following: land use, infrastructure, transportation, historic preservation, natural resources, parks and recreation, economic development and cultural resources. Once completed, the updated plan will establish meaningful and achievable goals, as well as strategies and policies for the implementation of the plan.

Get Involved! The Comprehensive Plan Committee wants to hear from you.

Review the working draft of the plan on the Town's website at: , and provide comments.

Visit Town Hall to review a hard copy and provide comments.

Attend the public meeting at 6:30 p.m. on May t at the Community Club, which is located at 102 East German Street (War Memorial Building)

Meeting Format: The meeting on May 1 will begin with a presentation of the highlights of the draft plan. This will be followed by a group discussion and Q&A period facilitated by the consultants to take comments from meeting participants. At the conclusion of the formal portion of the meeting, the consultants and Comprehensive Plan Committee members will have stations set up around the room, based on the elements of the plan, to allow for one-on-one discussions and to answer questions directly with the public.

Stay Informed! Learn about project news, updates, and events throughout the project process by visiting the Town's website and clicking on the Comprehensive Plan Committee page.

Moving Forward: Following the upcoming public input meeting, the Comprehensive Plan Committee will review the input received on the draft goals and strategies and begin developing the final draft of the plan, to include a detailed and prioritized implementation plan to help guide the community toward achieving the vision of the plan. Prior to adoption, there will be further opportunities for input at public hearings before the Planning Commission and Town Council.