Garbage And Recycling Contacts

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Our current service rates may be viewed by downloading the following PDF File.


Mission Statement

The Public Works Department of The Corporation of Shepherdstown is dedicated to providing for the highest quality, timely, cost effective and environmentally responsible management of solid waste through proper disposal and recycling programs.


Garbage And Recycling Pickup in Shepherdstown

Reduce and Re-use First!

Then Recycle Recycling pickup is provided in Shepherdstown in an effort to reduce the volume of trash requiring landfill disposal, “thereby helping the environment” The best strategy for reducing waste in your home is not to make it in the first place. Careful purchasing of products with less packaging, home composting, reducing unwanted mail, using rechargeable batteries, and re-using grocery bags will reduce waste and decrease the costs for trash and recycling pickup.

Curbside Pickup Recycling pickup is provided every week in the corporate limits of Shepherdstown. Residents may recycle glass bottles and jars, metal food and beverage cans, #1 and #2 plastic bottles and jugs, paper and corrugated cardboard, provided that the recyclables are prepared as described in the Recycling Preparation Guidelines.

Recyclables must be placed in the alley behind your home or commercial building in a recycling bin on the scheduled day of pickup. 14.4 gallon recycling containers will be provided. Recycling containers other than the Town-provided bins may be used, provided that they do not exceed 25 gallons in size or 35 pounds when full. Please do not place recyclables in plastic bags, as they require extra handling and increase costs. Improperly prepared recyclables, or recycling bins containing unacceptable materials or trash, will be rejected by our recycling partners and cannot be picked up. Town employees are not authorized to handle unclean recyclables or trash that is not in a proper trash container.


Trash Pickup in Shepherdstown

Trash pickup is provided in Shepherdstown every week. Unless otherwise arranged, trash should be placed out in the alley behind your home or commercial building on the scheduled day of pickup. Contact Town Hall to make other arrangements for special trash pick up.

All trash must be placed in a closed, undamaged bag weighing no more than 35 pounds when full. Full bags should be placed in a trash can no larger than 45-gallons in size. Multiple bags can be placed in the same can. Items that do not fit in a 45-gallon trashcan will not be picked up.


Yard Waste

Yard waste, like tree and shrub prunings, grass, and leaves, are picked up every Wednesday in the alleys. Tree limbs and sticks should be put out in a pile. Grass clippings and leaves should be put in biodegradable bags, or in separate trash containers with no other garbage. Tree limbs and sticks are chipped into mulch for the parks in Town. Clippings, leaves and bagged material are put into a mulch and compost pile, which is provided for Town residents.


Town Cleanups

Town clean-up occurs twice a year, usually in May and November. At this time, larger junk and debris is picked up. One truckload is allowed per residence. Items should be placed at the regular trash pickup locations. Items with Freon, like air conditioners, refrigerators, and dehumidifiers will be collected at a cost of $50 per item. Passenger car tires (under 15 inches) are picked up at a cost of $4.00 per tire. Prohibited materials include building materials, concrete, rock, dirt, sod, paint, batteries, hazardous or dangerous materials, propane tanks, oil tanks, gas tanks, and medical waste. For more information about trash and recycling pickup in Shepherdstown, call 876-2574.


Recyclables Preparation Guidelines

Glass Bottles and Jars - collected on the last Tuesday of each month

YES - All colors of glass are accepted.

Glass bottles and jars should be emptied with the lids removed.

Please remove glass from plastic bags/boxes before being recycled.

Accepted items: bottles, mason jars, drinking glasses, glass vases, etc.

NOT Accepted: ceramics of any kind, candle-glass, light bulbs, Pyrex cookware, window glass, etc.

Metal Food and Beverage Cans

YES -   Rinse clean, place metal lids inside can and pinch top together. Labels are OK. Aerosol
cans must be empty – dispose of caps

NO  -  Plastic bags, food residue, pesticide cans, syringes, gas, or propane containers.


#1 and #2 Plastic Bottled and Jugs.

YES   - #1 and #2 narrow-necked household bottles and jugs. Household products, beverage and
food containers. Top openings must be smaller than base. Discard lids and caps. Rinse clean, flatten if possible. Labels and neck rings are OK.
NO  -  Wide-mouth, stackable containers (yogurt-type), no take-out containers, microwave trays, lids, toys, pails, six-pack rings, pesticide containers, automotive oil-based product bottles, #3-#7 plastics, or plastic bags. No Styrofoam. Do not tie jugs with string.


Corrugated Cardboard and Boxboard.

YES  -  Multi-layer cartons and single-layer cardboard. Clean corrugated boxes, paper grocery bags, cereal, cracker, cake mix, pasta, shoe, and tissue boxes, and paper egg cartons. Remove plastic liners. Flatten boxboard. Pieces must be no larger than 4’ x 4’ x 1.5’ for pickup. Stack neatly next to or in the recycling bin.
NO  -  Wax- or plastic-coated boxes, wood, plastic, or string. No leftover food. No boxes from wet foods, like ice cream, frozen foods, or take-out foods. No paper milk or juice cartons.


Newspaper and Mixed Paper.

YES  -  Newspaper and mixed paper (including office paper) will be picked up for recycling. Do not put in plastic bags.


Computers and Batteries.

NO  -  Used computers, computer equipment, and batteries will not currently be picked up for recycling. Plans are being made to include these items in the recycling pickup in the future