Nov 21 Thu
Public Input Meeting for Comprehensive Plan! @ Community Club
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

The Corporation of Shepherdstown has begun the process of preparing an update to its

Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted in 2001. Part of the process to formulate the updated plan

is to incorporate the voice of town residents. The month of November begins this process with a

number of activities that are focused on engaging the public and receiving feedback on the topics

covered by the plan. Town Councilman David Rosen, who serves as Chairman of the Comprehensive

Plan Committee, commented “We are excited about this unique opportunity to hear from the

community and work together to establish a long-term plan.”


The Comprehensive Plan is intended to provide guidance to Shepherdstown’s elected and appointed

officials who will utilize the comprehensive plan to make decisions regarding the future of the

Town. Topics covered in the Comprehensive Plan include the following: land use, infrastructure,

transportation, historic preservation, conservation, recreation and economic development. The

updated plan will establish meaningful and achievable goals, as well as strategies and policies for the

implementation of the plan. The planning process will be completed by June 2014.


“A strong community voice helps to ensure a strong comprehensive plan and we are looking forward

to creating that vision as a community.”, stated Shepherdstown Mayor Jim Auxer. There will be

several opportunities throughout the process for Shepherdstown’s residents to be involved, helping

to ensure that the update to the Comprehensive Plan is representative of the community’s vision for

the Town.