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Notice of Public Forum:

Please be advised that the Shepherdstown Recycling Task Force will host a public forum on December 4, at 6:30pm, at the Shepherdstown Town Hall.

The purpose of this public forum will be to gather information from businesses and residents on the possible prohibition of the commercial use of styrofoam, plastic bags and straws.

Attendees who wish to speak will need to sign in before the forum begins and will have three (3) minutes to share their comments.

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Your voice is needed!

The Jefferson County Commission will soon decide whether to rezone an area near Morgan's Grove Park (corner or Rt. 480 and Rt. 45-alt) to General Commercial. This could result in a strip mall or worse in this important gateway to Shepherdstown.

The Shepherdstown Planning Commission opposes the proposed rezoning because: (1) It lacks protections for nearby residents and landowners, particularly if the parcel is sold after rezoning; (2) A public need for the rezoning has not been demonstrated; and (3) General Commercial development would be incompatible with nearby areas including Morgan's Grove Park.

Comments can be submitted to and Caleb Wayne Hudson until Nov 13. For more information, contact Andy Beall <> or Than Hitt <>.


Rankin Rezone Map

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Update: 01/21/18

On or around Monday, January 22, boring will be done in the area of the Dollar General/Shepherdstown Pharmacy/Subway under Potomac Drive.


Update:  01-16-18 3:56 p.m.

The water main break has been repaired.  The boil water advisory has been lifted.


Update:  01-16-18 2:30 p.m.

As a result of the work on Rt. 45 (south side) from Sheetz to the Shepherdstown Fire Department, a water main has been damaged.  Water service for customers in this area will be interrupted to allow repairs to the water main.  Once water is restored, a boil water advisory will be in effect for only the customers affected in this area (south side of Rt. 45 from Sheetz to the Shepherdstown Fire Department).

Update:  01-14-18

On Monday, January 15, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., water service will be interrupted to customers on Rt. 45 from Sheetz to the Shepherdstown Fire Department.  This interruption will affect only the customers on the south side (Sheetz side) of Rt. 45.

Update: 12-25-2017

On or around Tuesday, December 26, boring will take place under Rt. 45 adjacent to the Sheetz Store.  Staging will take place on W. High Street.  This work should not impede traffic flow.


Update:  12-20-17

Paving on High Street has ceased until further notice.  The water line project work continues on West High Street.


Update: 12-20-17

Today, paving will take place on West High Street from King Street to Duke Street.


Update:  12-18-17

Paving will take place on Tuesday, December 19, in the area of High Street, from King Street to Princess Street.


Update: 12-15-2017

Beginning on or around Monday, December 18, the intersection of North Duke Street and West High Street will be closed intermittently for the installation of the high service dedicated water line.  Please expect delays.  Furthermore, W. High Street, from King Street to Duke Street will be closed for paving.  North Church will be closed to through traffic.

Update:  12-05-17

As the water line construction progresses, W. High Street will be closed from Duke Street to Minden Lane beginning today, December 5.

Update:  11-30-2017

Construction will stop for this week at 1:00 p.m. today.  Beginning on or around Monday, December 4, construction will continue on W. High Street between King Street and Duke Street.  This area of High Street will be closed to vehicular traffic during this time.

Update: 11-29-2017

Beginning on or around Wednesday, November 29, W. High Street will be closed from King Street to Duke Street due to the water line construction.

Update: 11-27-2017

Beginning on or around Tuesday, November 28, the intersection of King and High Street will have intermittent traffic delays.  North King Street will be reduced to one lane going northbound only.


The Corporation of Shepherdstown will begin construction of the dedicated high service water line.  This construction is necessary to improve our overall operation of our water system in preparation of the new water treatment system. Construction will begin on or around Monday, November 13 in the area of West High Street (from Duke Street to King Street).  High Street will be reduced to “one lane” allowing traffic to travel westbound only.  For more information, contact Kenny Shipley, Project Inspector, at (304) 876-3350 or Frank Welch, Public Works Director, at (304) 876-3322.

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The Shepherdstown Town Council adopted the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) in 2016. The current version of the IPMC is available for reference.

The Town enforces provisions of the IPMC that governs how the exterior of structures within the Town are maintained as well as general property maintenance considerations such as accumulations of debris or lack of adequate maintenance for landscaping.

The intent of enforcing the IPMC, similar to reasons why the Town requires Project Permits (issued by the Planning Commission)   and Certificates of Appropriateness (issued by the Historic Landmarks Commission) for changes to structures in the Corporation, is to:

  • Preserve the quality of life and rights of Town residents and visitors
  • Protect property values

The Town adheres to the following policies in the enforcement of the IPMC:

  1. 1.     Who can submit a complaint about the condition of properties in Shepherdstown?

Town officials, other property owners, other residents (e.g., renters), and any interested parties. In other words, anyone can request that the Town determine if the IPMC needs to be enforced for any property in the corporate limits.

  1. 2.     How are complaints submitted?

Complaints can be submitted verbally to the Town’s Zoning Officer or via email or written correspondence; there is no specific form required for submitting a complaint. However, complaints should clearly state the issue and the property location.

  1. 3.     Are complaints kept confidential?

Yes, the sources of complaints are not revealed to property owners without the express consent of the person who identified a potential problem.

  1. 4.     What is considered the scope of IPMC enforcement?

Exterior condition of structures, debris in and around a property, landscaping that blocks walkways or obstructs vehicle sight lines at intersections. Interior conditions that involve potential fire hazards due to mechanical / electrical issues or potential health hazards such as mold will be referred to the State Fire Marshall and Jefferson County Health Departments, respectively.

In addition, procedures used by the Town to enforce the IPMC include:

  1. Upon receipt of a complaint, the Town’s Zoning Officer and Code Enforcement Officer will conduct an initial “windshield” inspection to determine if the complaint appears to be valid. If the complaint does not seem justified, the Town informs the person who made the complaint of this decision.
  2. If the complaint appears to have some basis in fact, the Town may transmit an initial notice letter via registered mail to the property owner of record that indicates a complaint has been filed and requests a meeting with property owner (or representative) within two weeks after receipt of the letter. In some cases, at the Town’s discretion for apparent minor complaints, Town officials may contact the property owner directly.
  3. After the issue has been identified, property owners must submit a plan for how issues will be addressed that the Town will approve the plan in writing prior to implementation. No changes can be made to a property that would otherwise require a Project Permit or Certificate of Appropriateness without completing these regulatory processes as well.

For more information, contact the Shepherdstown Zoning Officer at (304) 876-6858 or .

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Press Release

Glass Recycling Update

August 3, 2017 


The Corporation of Shepherdstown was dismayed to learn of the discontinuation of glass recycling effective this past spring.  The Corporation, its residents, and businesses pride themselves on helping keep glass out of the solid waste stream, and the discontinuation has caused stress for many dedicated recyclers. We have never stopped pursuing an alternative.


The Corporation of Shepherdstown Public Works Department is excited to be partnering with Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority (JCSWA) to develop a new plan to recycle mixed glass.


Once the plan is instituted, the residents and businesses of the Corporation of Shepherdstown will be able to recycle mixed glass.  They will not have to separate it by color, but will have to separate it from the rest of the recycling.


Recycling is near and dear to our hearts in Shepherdstown, so we will be able to offer glass recycling again in the near future.  Thankfully, we can once again keep glass out of our solid waste stream.  The timeline for instituting mixed-glass recycling pick-up is dependent upon procuring the needed equipment.


In the meantime, JCSWA has placed a container at their facility for mixed-glass drop-off located at 332 Jefferson Orchard Road, Kearneysville, WV 25430.  Phone – 304-728-0430.


A special thanks goes out to Mayor Auxer, Frank Welch - Public Works Director, Billy Madert – Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority Director, and Carry All Products (CAP Glass) – the company in PA where the glass will be recycled.


We are committed to providing recycling services for the Corporation of Shepherdstown/or/ our residents, and thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.